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Our Story

Founded by Tom Thudiyanplackal in August 2011, first under the name 'Virtuoso Haven Global Alliance' and now renamed as 'Thought Leadership Council' — a home for global thought leaders to assemble as a tribe of individuals committed to excellence and self-attainment — leading by example and turning into a beacon for the world. It is true, as you reach the very top, it does get lonely. It is important for leaders to be surrounded by other leaders so they have something to look forward to and learn from. To receive encouragement and appreciation from peers has its own merit that cannot be matched even by the adulation of millions of followers.

On the other end of the spectrum, are those millions of followers who are looking for answers and for the direction in which they must head to realize their highest potential and join the tribe of trailblazers. Like a vacuum chamber, their powerful desire for self-image building role models will sooner than later attract the influence of the nearest and most available representation of a secure and significant personality. Given the unsupervised access to the Internet and social media available to today's youth, it's a dangerous proposition to let their vacuous aspirations be drawn to the deceitful and powerfully alluring personalities driven by self-serving aims who offer nothing of value to humanity and are most often louder and more provocative than the genuine and compassionate ones.

Now, more than ever, we need to have a stronger support system for truly impassioned leaders who have their hearts in the right place and their minds set on goals that benefit all of humanity and the planet, as our one home. Thought Leadership Council is determined to encourage this tiny group of powerful and single-minded champions to have their voices reach the millions in need of their light to shine on the path to personal excellence and self-attainment so we may see a future of highly realized individuals working together for a unified world as one large family.

Our Approach

We believe that each human is entrusted with a special gift that may become available to all of mankind only from the self-actualization of that particular individual. What we may be losing as a collective when any individual goes through the length of their lifespan without fully realizing their potential, we'll never know. It is important that we change our outlook toward education and especially the environments in which children are raised so that the access to information and experience are not reflections of societal prejudice and disparity. Intellect and compassion are not traits acquired by birth or social strata, like any other attribute or talent, these are available to us all and with proper training and practice, we may each develop it without limits — what is required is proper exposure, inspiration, and resource.

We do not limit the benefits of a profound, life-altering innovation regardless of who may have contributed it to mankind — take for example the smallpox vaccination or the Newtonian laws of physics. Why should we limit the tools and resources required to inspire in each and every one the visions of their unique outlook and how it may be carried through to produce such innovations that will someday benefit mankind without reservation?

The Human Collective

We are in the most crucial years of the Information Age, this is true also with regards to the age of consumption, and unless we join forces as a collective to truly have a pure center as to how and where we wish to align our efforts for a better future for this planet and all its inhabitants, things may not turn out well — the results, whichever way it tilts, won't select one group over another, we will all experience it together. It's best that we work as one to address the greater problems of our singular home.

Thought Leadership Council (TLC) is a place where the leaders who have led us here and the ones leading us today will meet the leaders of tomorrow.

There is no greater tool than 'open dialogue' to bridge divides and to bring minds onto an equal plane, to see things through each other's viewpoints, so common solutions may be derived and conflicts may be resolved. A platform needs to exist that is free of prejudice, judgment, or disparity. We wish to foster empathy and compassion on all sides of a discussion, so the greater emphasis is placed on harmonizing the energies of all involved to singularly tackle issues and arrive at win-win solutions with enduring impact.

Employing region-agnostic transmedia projects and events, we, at TLC, are indeed aiming for the stars, so there may exist a constant light guiding us in the right direction for our efforts, and we want the future generations to feel grateful and proud of the world they have inherited thanks to our timely awakening.

Meet the Team

Our head is held high and we stand tall owing to a large body and able hands that give shape to our dreams. We acknowledge them in thought as we list the founding members here.

Tom Thudiyanplackal

Tom Thudiyanplackal

Founder & CEO

Filmmaker, Inventor, Philanthropist

Born in Mumbai, India, Tom grew up in a tiny suburb where a local recycling center gave him his first access to world literature and such gems as National Geographic and LIFE magazine. The distance seemed improbable at the time but in the course of a couple decades, he was able to take advantage of several advances that had reached India by then, especially the Internet, and make his way into the world of advertising and films by making a mark as a creative mind with a special gift for storytelling and aesthetic design. Equipped with formal education from Prague Film School and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Mumbai University, Tom has led creative efforts at various agencies including Ogilvy, Reliance Telecom, and Vinod Chopra Films where he headed the development for a few blockbusters. Presently Tom lives in San Diego, California where he has co-developed a novel, research-backed therapy to promote self-efficacy that is offered as a program at the UC San Diego through its Centers for Integrative Health [http://cim.ucsd.edu/LIGHT]. Tom is actively developing new scripts that he will produce for the Indian diaspora as well as for an International audience.

Paula Marie Jackson

Paula Marie Jackson

President & Board Chairman

Visiting Scholar at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) — Family Medicine & Public Health

Paula has had a career spanning three decades as a start-up consultant with a track record of having successfully positioned medical device companies for sale to fortune 50-500 companies including Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific. In 1999, Paula was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was severely debilitated by the symptoms, which included compromised vision and walking, as well as gait issues and fatigue that limited her to be in bed for up to 18 hours a day. Equipped with her never say die attitude and a strong passion for life, Paula embarked on an inward journey exploring the power of the mind and shortly thereafter was rewarded with a process that helped her regain her old spunk and soon to follow was her strength and resilience to get back into the thick of life. Since 2011, Paula invested herself in formulating a novel therapy model based on her personal journey that was standardized for research setting at UC San Diego and after eight years and two pilot studies, with a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal for Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine (JEBIM) today, that model, Light-Induced Guided Healing Therapy (LIGHT) is being offered to the public as a course at the Centers for Integrative Health (CIH) within UCSD.

Join Us

We are ever growing in size and aspiration. Please write to us and let us know what you do and how you would like to contribute to our mission.