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Be the Light

There's enough distress and darkness in the world. You be the change. Be the spark. Be the flame. Extinguish the suffering. Relinquish the anguish. Rise above it all. Shine the light. Be the way. Be the change you wish to see in the world. You be the Light.


It all starts with the idea. Where do we want to go? Why do we want to embark on this journey? How do we wish to start? What should be the milestones along the way for the journey to be meaningful and rewarding? The questions are basic and almost always the same. Once you know the answers to these, your direction takes hold and then it's a question of how much distance you wish to cover and how soon you wish to get there. But there are no extra points for just being first to arrive, once you arrive you must have what it takes to lead.

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It all starts with the idea or concept, which is then turned into a plan — this is possibly the easy part — then comes execution. A lot of people have ideas and plans but only a few follow-through and complete the execution as planned. Only a handful will execute it such that the finished product far exceeds all expectations. No one can claim to be a thought leader, only once your work has attained such an exemplary status that it automatically attracts followers then you become the thought leader within that space.

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In a fast-paced world, the push to stay ahead by being in constant motion is ever dominant in our lives but only a few manage to maintain the resilience and focus required to stay in the race for the long haul — these are the mindful ones who stop and assess their lives from time to time to look for a relative and absolute gauge on the purpose of the journey so they may realign with the pure intent that generates drive and motivation within one's soul .

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How long can you hide from the truth? Sooner or later you must give into that which fulfills you. Commit yourself fully to it. At all costs. For only in finding your fully realized self can you be comfortable in your own skin.

One day at a time. One life. One mind. We, who share the same home, have but one life that connects us all. The air we breathe, the sun that shines upon us, the earth that feeds us, the water that keeps us — not one of us can put a claim on any of these resources more than the rest. Yet, that's not the case anymore — there are powers who have forgotten some basic principles and this puts us all at risk; humans, animals, birds, and every other life form on this planet is equally threatened. Only humans have the gift to choose a different outcome, and we must each make that choice every day in our own lives. There is great power in what we choose and how we choose it. Use it wisely!

Celebrating Change-makers!

We are each a part of a tribe. Our actions, words, and thoughts align us to our tribe. During the course of our life we change tribes and find our way forward toward fulfilling our true purpose on Earth. Some of us are brave enough to keep pushing the boundaries and seeking more of our potential and fulfilling it regardless of the price we have to pay for it. As we reach closer to our goals and achieving that self-actualized vision, we find ourselves alone at times and a deep sense of fear grips us. This is natural. It is in such times that we need to have a mantle to look up to and to remind us of the tribe beyond this horizon. The tribe of thought leaders, of change-makers, and of the torch-bearers. Welcome home!